The background

Cues to Clips was born at Cal Poly in 2013 when a few classmates and I set out to combine the experience of the game Apples to Apples with Youtube. The theory was that as a mobile game, users could pass around and submit videos in the same way cards are treated in the physical game. 

The first pass

We designed and built an Android game that made it to the Google Play Store. Users’ devices were connected via bluetooth, and they were able to search all of Youtube to find and send videos to one another based on the theme of a “card.”

The overhaul

In 2015 I revisited and reimagined the game as something to be played remotely (instead of being limited by Bluetooth). What resulted was an overhaul of the experience from the ground up. I also implemented the then-new Material Design Principles for Android.

Cues to Clips 2.0

The concepted game now can be used by friends far and wide, encouraging people to stay connected while being entertained and fostering an addicting sense of friendly competition.

Set up a game

Log in with Facebook or Google Plus, then view and select friends. These friends are automatically added to a new game group. Users can have multiple groups and games going at once.


Each day begins a new round of the game. Roles in the game rotate each new day. One person is the judge, who views the videos and chooses the winner for the round/day. The rest of the people in the group are players, and they search YouTube and submit videos to the judge.

Scoring & Saving

The video that the judge determines to be most closely correlated with the day’s card wins. The group page will show who has won the most recent rounds as well as past rounds.

Videos can be saved from multiple points throughout the game, and accessed later to share externally or view again.


Want to play?

Take the prototype for a whirl.

View the prototype