About the concept

The process of finding new roommates, whether you’ve been in a city for a month or years, is never easy. You can stumble through Craigslist, a hit-or-miss solution, or poke around your social network asking friends. What’s needed is a platform that brings together users from the same extended peer networks. Dweller is that platform.

How it started

The idea and original execution of the concept came about during a Hackathon at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in early 2015. Our team created a working website with the basic functionality necessary to show and validate the idea with our peers.

Back to the drawing board

After identifying this need and vetting its usefulness among potential users from the target demographic, I reimagined the platform as mobile-first, a native iOS app that would be a breeze to use every day.

Meet Dweller.

Whether you’re looking for someone to fill an extra room or looking for a place yourself, the app takes the most common pain points out of the roommate-finding process. 

Match & Connect

The platform uses the Facebook API to find friends of friends on Dweller who are also looking for a roommate. Once two potential matches approve each other, they become connections.

Find out if you click

Profiles make it easy to see if you’re compatible with another user, by allowing users to list interests, hobbies and more, as well as pulling Liked pages from Facebook. Once you decide it’s a go, message your connections to begin making plans.

Flexible filtering

Set a city to be matched in, or set a zip code for increased specificity. Use match radius to refine results. Set specific or flexible move-in dates and durations.

Search beyond your city

Because some users may want to search in multiple zip codes and weigh their options, this feature allows you to find mutual friends in any city, beyond your own primary match preferences.

What about the web?

To maximize the number of people that can use Dweller and the number of matches that can be made, it was important not to limit Dweller to iOS users. The web platform allows anyone to participate.

See the web version

See the app in action.

View the prototype