The Nerdwallet App

Nerdwallet’s first-ever mobile app lets you chat one-on-one with one of the company’s in-house financial advisors right from your phone at no cost. I worked on key features both on the consumer facing side and the advisor-facing platform, as well as defined and refined the visual language of the app.

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Vertical Hubs

NerdWallet has 11 business verticals, each with its own plethora of content articles, tools, product reviews, and more. The site lacked a destination for all of each vertical’s resources to exist within. Vertical hubs gave each business within Nerdwallet a home to showcase its latest and best.

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Online Broker Tool

Nerdwallet’s broker tool lets consumers compare all 61 online brokerages. The previous tool lacked clear adjusting and filtering methods, so we refreshed it to bring clarity to this experience.

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