The problem

The landscape of endless new exercise machines and gadgets make it more complicated than ever to do that which is so essential for basic health. Quantifit is an iOS app to be paired with the (concept) companion jump rope and dumbbells. The complete experience aims to combine the latest technology with simplicity. Using three simple products, you can get a full body workout anywhere, fully tracked and quantified for Apple HealthKit. Classmate Megan Hopps and I imagined what this experience would be like and designed the app to match, validating hypotheses through user research and testing as we went.

How it works together

Quantifit gear is equipped with motion sensors that measure extremely specific types of movement, such as reps of the dumbbells and rotations per minute of the jump rope. The gear also contains heart rate sensors (A), speakers (B) for sound alerts, and LED lights (C) for light alerts. The gear connects to the iOS app via Bluetooth. 

Getting started

Set some goals for before your session. You can set goals for your rope, like time or RPM; you can set weight goals like sets and reps. Then, just start moving to instantly begin the session and everything will be kept track of.

Keeping track

After completing a session, the iOS app stores the data. Your data is always recorded and organized, so you can keep hitting goals and reaching for new ones. 

Make it count

The app works with other health and fitness apps so you can maximize your Quantifit activity data.

Alerts & Reminders

While working out, set light and sound alerts to indicate when goals are hit. When you need a nudge to come back to Quantifit, reminders are here to help.

The app in action

View the prototype